Tulsi (Holy Basil) Beads Mala

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Wooden Beads Length – 30 inches(Approx.)

Bead Dia – 3 mm(Approx).

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In modern yogi times, especially in the United States, mala necklaces and bracelets are increasing in popularity. You can find them for sale at many yoga studios. Malas are often used as decorations, jewelry, or during seated meditation. You may see Beads Mala adorning the wrists, necks, and altars of meditation devotees and at the top of mats of yoga practitioners. These beautiful necklaces often hold special significance for the bearer based on where they got it, why they chose the stones, and the energy resonance they feel with the beads.

The Meaning In Malas’ Traditional 108 Beads

There are many theories behind the significance of the number 108, which has long been considered a sacred number in Hinduism.

“It offers people a wearable reflection of something in their own journey, so in that way the Beads Mala really becomes whatever the wearer intends for it

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“Pearls are a great symbol for the grace we create, for the oyster creates its greatest work of art from an irritant. The decision to love even though it is sure to break our hearts, to meet challenge with our compassion is the yoga practice of life and makes it worth living,” she explains.



Wooden Beads Length – 30 inches(Approx.)

Bead Dia – 3 mm(Approx).


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