Hanuman Sindoor Powder

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Hanuman Sindoor is a traditional orange colored powder, usually offered to Lord Hanuman idols. Lord Hanuman is the symbol Praan Shakti is symbolized in the red. Hanuman being symbol of Power and faithfulness has been shown with application of Sindoor on his body. In Hath yoga branch, Sindoor/Mercury is used in Al chemistry to make ‘Gold’. This is very secret process and may be very few in this world know. Proper use of Sindoor or Mercury for that count, gives power to fly in air, extra ordinary physical strength, change himself in to desired form etc. All these qualities were connected with Lord Hanuman.

Kumkuma is most often applied by Indians to the forehead. The reason has to do with the ancient Indian belief that “the human body is divided into seven vortices of energy, called Chakras

Our Hindu Dharm  definately suggest us to use Lord Hanuman Sindoor

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Qty: 250 gms.

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